About Us

Who We Are

DoneDeploy is an Irish-based tech company that empowers businesses to transition from startups to industry leaders. Our expertise lies in simplifying the complexities of Cloud infrastructure and DevOps, allowing companies to focus on their core missions. We design, build, and support infrastructure needs, ensuring that our solutions are adaptable and scalable, even after our direct engagement concludes.

Our Differentiation

At DoneDeploy, we are deeply committed to business development, especially for startups. We understand the dual challenges startups face—limited financial resources and the need for robust development infrastructure. To address this, we offer:

  • Free Consulting: Initial consultations to diagnose infrastructure issues.
  • Tailored Solutions: Cost-effective and time-saving infrastructure solutions based on specific business problems and offer different solutions and choices and also best recommendations.
  • Fixed Pricing Packages: Transparent, fixed-price packages with no hidden costs, providing clear financial benefits over the common hourly billing practices that can be unpredictable and expensive. This approach sets us distinctly apart from our competitors. Our model is designed to prevent the common pitfalls that lead to early-stage failures, offering a reliable pathway to growth and success.

Our Services

DoneDeploy offers a comprehensive suite of services including cloud providers (AWS, GCP), containers and orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes), CI/CD, configuration management, database solutions, service management, monitoring, and infrastructure provisioning using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Our seasoned team of software engineers and DevOps professionals brings over a decade of experience across various sectors such as banking, accounting, healthcare, and more. DoneDeploy is equipped to deliver customized solutions that drive significant growth and innovation.

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